Weekly Planning Process

We put all planned and active tasks on a shared Asana project called the 🏄Big Board. Project ManagerProject Managers are responsible for clarifying and adding tasks to the board each week for the following week. We meet every Friday to review the whole board and put together a list of actionable, assigned tasks for “Next Week” that represent Cantilever’s commitments.

Our planning methodology is derived from the classic agile SCRUM methodology translated to a week-by-week rhythm that is a better fit for an agency.

🔄 Workflow

On Monday…

  • Team starts on the s for the current week
  • Team finishes up any lingering s from the prior week
  • sets up the 🏄Big Board for the week
  • sends out Asana update recapping last week and previewing this week.

Throughout The Week…

  • Team works on their s, keeping the “status” field updated and asking for approvals when ready.
  • StrategistStrategists work with clients to define new 🧭Planned Projects.
  • Project ManagerProject Managers translates approved 🗺️Project Plans into s for the team. s go into the “Next Week” or “Backlog” list depending on their urgency.

On Friday…

We conduct the 📆Weekly Planning Meeting and lock in the plan for Next Week. s which are not on the 🏄Big Board by the time the meeting happens will not be allowed into the list for the next week. However, s do not need to be fully clarified by this time and can be “stubs”.