Weekly Planning Meeting

The Weekly Planning Meeting occurs on Fridays and is hosted by the Big Board Boss [WIP]Big Board Boss [WIP] . It is mandatory for all 🐑Core Team members. In addition, the Big Board Boss [WIP]Big Board Boss [WIP] should invite all contributors who are expected to do more than 10 hours in the subsequent week.and is mandatory for all Cantilever Core Team members and PM/Strategist Contributors.

Key Events

  • Review all tasks left in “This Week”. Ensure there is a plan in place to get that work done, or to redefine it so that it can be completed. Some parts of some tasks may need to be re-scoped as new work for the next week.
  • Review the Dashboard and discuss the stats for “This Week” and “Next Week”
  • Conduct a weekly retrospective conversation. Shout-out teammates who did a great job during the week. Discuss any challenges that occurred during the week and identify patterns that we may need to address. When the team agrees on a change, agree on an accountable party who will submit a proposal in the board.
  • Discuss the staffing plan for the upcoming week. Make sure everyone is aware of capacity for each person.
  • Review each task on the board for “Next Week”. Go through each task and agree on an assignee. The assignee should consent to taking on the work at the terms written. Check that…
    • Only tasks that are clarified and assigned are in “Ready”. They should have all required fields, due dates, etc per the Workflow defined above.
      • PMs may not have enough information at this point to fully clarify a task, and that is OK, as long as it is clarified to the greatest extent possible and marked as a “Stub”
    • Check the capacity of each team member and make sure they have a realistic amount of work assigned to them given their personal schedules
      • If we have too much work in the week for the Core Team, decide on Contributors to ask to take on specific items.
    • Go through our client list and make sure that all clients are represented on the board or we have confirmed that we have no work for that client in the subsequent week.

Time Tracking for Weekly Meeting

At the end of the weekly meeting the Big Board Boss [WIP]Big Board Boss [WIP] should leave two minutes for everyone to fill out their timesheets. The time logged should be a blend between billable and non-billable time depending on each person’s role.

Time spent in the weekly sprint meeting should be split between projects and “Production General” based on what the discussion contained. The PM time you log should be roughly distributed amongst your top 3 or 4 clients.

Ex: We spend 15 minutes on the sprint call discussing internal stuff and 45 minutes reviewing tasks and making plans for client work. Log 15 minutes to Sprint Planning and split the 45 minutes between your top 3 clients:

For StrategistStrategists

Time spent in the weekly sprint meeting should be logged amongst your projects as either Strategy or PM time based on what the discussion contained. If your contribution for that client was mainly to plan the future and decide on which work should be prioritized, log as strategy time. Otherwise log as PM time.

  • Time spent on the big board process (ex. updating our field configuration, process refinements, enforcing our process) should be logged in “Production General”.
  • Time spent managing the big board should be logged with discretion between Sprint Planning and client projects.
  • Time spent on the weekly meeting should be logged in the same manner as with PMs, but splitting time between 5-6 major clients company-wide.

For DesignerDesigners & DeveloperDevelopers

Log time under Sprint Planning, aside from any time you spent actively discussing/brainstorming plans for work, or helping to clarify things. Log that time under the appropriate Design or Dev tasks on the 2-3 projects you discussed most.