The Production department is where our client work happens. The department handles client accounts from inception (usually via a

) through support. QA falls under production, and is done throughout the life cycle of a project.

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Long-Term Support
Project Management
Documentation Strategy
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Golden Rules

These are aspects of projects which are non-negotiable at Cantilever.

  1. Every project must have a clear, signed MSA & SOW with the client. Everyone involved with the project should review and fully absorb the SOW.
  2. Every site we work on must have an entry in the site database which contains all known relevant information about how the site should work.
  3. Every piece of work assigned to someone on the team should have a clear Basecamp todo written with our standard format (Overview/Procedure Link/Definition of Done/Estimate/Timeline), unless that person specifically requests for this to not be done for them. QA tasks have their own format (TextExpander snippet qaacd)
  4. Everything that we deliver to a client should be QAed. Design and UX work must be QAed for accessibility prior to showing a client. Development work must pass a full QA process before launching to the public.
  5. Every estimate and timeline we provide to a client must be padded so we have wiggle room if something goes wrong.
  6. There should never be a todo in Basecamp that is late (the date is earlier than today). All todos should be completed on time or re-negotiated on or prior to the due date.

If you are on a project where one of these rules is being broken, please speak to the DRI for the project. You can find the DRI for each client and project in the Project Database.