🛠 Production
Comp Notes
Excluding Strategy Bonuses which are expected to be a large % of a strategist’s final take-home
L1 Salary
$60,000 to $64,000
L2 Salary
$62,000 to $70,000
L3 Salary
$68,000 to $78,000
L4 Salary
$76,000 to $88,000
L5 Salary
$86,000 to $100,000
L1 Hourly Wage
$40 to $43
L2 Hourly Wage
$41 to $47
L3 Hourly Wage
$45 to $52
L4 Hourly Wage
$51 to $59
L5 Hourly Wage
$57 to $67
Billable Target Min


Note: As of August 2023 we are experimenting with an overhauled strategist compensation model. Please refer to . We will update this entry after that is accepted/rejected.

Mission 🙏

To build and maintain successful, long-term client relationships by working with clients to understand their needs and leading amazing projects that meet those needs.

Definition of Success 📈

  • Set realistic and reasonable outcome goals for each project they lead. Meet those goals at least 75% of the time.
    • Achieve a minimum 50% average profit margin each quarter across all projects led.
      • This means that if we take in $1 in project fees from the client we should be spending at most $0.50 on labor and vendors.
    • Minimize client attrition to at most 25% in a year.
      • This means losing at most one out of every four clients you start with each year.

Key Responsibilities

Strategists work closely with
Project Manager
Project Manager
s but their duties are different. Read carefully to ensure you know what strategists are responsible for.
  • Becomes a partner with the client/stakeholder and has a keen understanding of their business realities and how we could solve them.
  • Leads discussions with the client to establish their problems and opportunities and brainstorm how we could solve them
  • Handles new requests for work from clients. Creates
    Project Plan
    s based on those requests.
  • Proactively reviews the client’s business and site results and makes suggestions about changes we could make to deliver value.
  • Takes accountability for the team’s success. Collaborates with Strategists, PMs and Developers in order to deliver excellent work.
  • Establishes a vision that is informed by research, and linked to business outcomes.
  • Establishes high standards for the work and approves work before it goes to clients
  • Is comfortable presenting ideas and concepts to the clients and guides designers to do as well.
  • Hands off problems to the team. Helps Project Managers make
    s clarified and actionable.
  • Reviews the solutions the team comes up with and validates that the problem has been solved.

Compensation Notes

  • Strategists earn a “Strategy Bonus” in addition to their regular wages. For full-time strategists, this bonus will ultimately represent a large % of their total take-home pay.
  • Strategists may play other roles in the company as well, and so this role will often be blended with others to determine final comp.

Key Skills 🤹🏽

Skills Database

SkillRolesLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Can handle small to medium inbound requests for work from clients and clarify them to be actionable and ready for a sprint
Can handle any conceivable request from a client including for full new platforms or projects, and spec/clarify them in coordination with internal experts
Understands the basic business realities of their clients and plans our work to align with their business goals
Is an important strategic advisor to client not just on our work. Proactively makes smart suggestions for projects and
Keeps a close eye on project timeline and budget status and makes modifications when necessary to avoid problems
We almost never miss deadlines or go over budget on this person’s projects.
Can review and assess work against agreed-upon Definitions of Done. Can verify when we have completed tasks successfully according to client requests.
Can provide creative and technical feedback on the level of a creative or technical director. Can guide work proactively by providing unique insight. Can synthesize client feedback with our own requirements to find novel solutions.
Is able to handle smaller clients with simpler needs such as webflow sites, light branding, etc
Is able to handle clients at any level of technical and design complexity. Can open up new markets for Cantilever based on unique domain knowledge (ex. someone who knows the medical field really well allows us to work in that field)