At Cantilever we don’t just wait for instructions, we join our clients as partners and help them succeed. Strategy is our discipline for doing that. Our StrategistStrategists lead our client relationships and create the 🗺️Project Plans that allow us to deliver 🏠Digital Hospitality!

🏅 Principles

  • Empathy. Good strategy is all about people: Connecting with their needs and coming up with a plan to fulfill them.
  • Service. Strategy should always have a purpose. We don’t just do projects for their own sake, we do them because they will deliver some key result that our clients need.
  • Proactivity. Often clients are too overwhelmed to think that much about their sites. They hire us to be the ones thinking about it instead. Come up with ideas unprompted. Get them better results.
  • Accountability. Strategists are the top of the accountability food chain on our client relationships. They are judged (and compensated) by the results of the projects they plan and oversee.

📏 Rules

✅ Do…

  • Ensure that every project has a clear, approved 🗺️Project Plan.
  • Stay informed about the clients business ups and downs along with macro economic factors that could affect them
  • Keep a watchful eye over all of your client relationships
  • Visit your clients whenever possible

🚫 Don’t…

  • Wait for instructions. Make suggestions. Make change.