Harassment Policy

We have a zero-tolerance policy for racist, sexist, homophobic, or religiously bigoted behavior or speech. If we observe these things, you will be let go. In a case of extreme misunderstanding and with the explicit comfort of the group, we may make an exception.

Unlike some other companies we do talk about politics at work. Different points of view should be respected. When discussing something political please make sure your language is sensitive to the possibility that there are others who may not share the same opinion as you. You are encouraged to speak your mind, but you must communicate your views in a way that does not degrade or ostracize others who may hold a different opinion.

We also have a zero-tolerance policy for sexual abuse or harassment. Cantilever policy is stricter than the law. Any kind of unsolicited sexual comment or advancement between you and a team member/client/partner will result in immediate termination.

If your manager is not the

, you may report an incident confidentially to your manager, who then must immediately report it to the

In the case of both hate speech and sexual harassment, any reports a manager receives must be immediately sent to the


If you have a report regarding the

or your manager, such that you would not want to report it to them, please report it to the opposite party.

There is no statute of limitations on reporting. All reports are valid and important at any time and with any degree of detail.

In cases where the legal definition is grey, we reserve the right to make the final judgment on what constitutes hate speech, abuse, or harassment.