🐑 Executive
Comp Notes
L1 Salary

$160,000 to $174,000

L2 Salary

$167,000 to $195,000

L3 Salary

$188,000 to $223,000

L4 Salary

$216,000 to $258,000

L5 Salary

$251,000 to $300,000

L1 Hourly Wage

$107 to $116

L2 Hourly Wage

$111 to $130

L3 Hourly Wage

$125 to $149

L4 Hourly Wage

$144 to $172

L5 Hourly Wage

$167 to $200

Billable Target Min


Mission 🙏

To lead the Cantilever team towards creating user-centric technology that satisfies client needs.

Definition of Success 📈

  • Maintain EBITDA of at least 20% of top-line revenue
  • Maintain top-line growth of at least 20% per year
  • Limit client turnover to at most 20% per year
  • Limit staff turnover to at most 20% per year

Key Responsibilities 💪

  • Sets the Vision, Purpose, and Values of the company and gains agreement from all team members to follow them
  • Acts as the public face of the company and promoting the company publicly through their personal and professional channels
  • Develops the overall long-term strategic plan for the company and rolls it out within the team
  • Crafts our market-facing brand message and works with marketing staff & vendors to roll it out
  • Helps strategists sell projects by joining specific meetings and providing guidance
  • Acts as manager for our most senior leaders and mentoring others on the team
  • Ensures that our finances are stable and strong. Provides value to shareholders in the form of dividends.
  • Takes responsibility for final outcomes and makes adjustments when things aren’t working
  • Acts as the decision-maker of last resort when agreement cannot be made within the team
  • Resolves conflicts or tensions within the team

Particularly in the case of the CEO, it is also helpful to understand what is not in the CEO’s job description:

  • 🚫 Making decisions around our production methodologies (This is the job of the production team)
  • 🚫 Closing new clients (This is the job of the strategists)
  • 🚫 Deciding on tactical standards such as accessibility standards, pricing methodologies, etc. (This is the job of strategists to coordinate together)
  • 🚫 Onboarding and training (This is the job of managers)
  • 🚫 Leading client accounts, project management (Though the CEO can help strategists and PMs navigate tricky situations)

Compensation Notes

  • Most of the time the CEO will be incentivized in the form of significant stock awards or profit sharing. The comp tiers above represent “Theoretical” comp that would be modified to account for this factor.

Key Skills 🤹🏽

Skills Database

SkillRolesLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5

Understands our books. Can set financial targets for the company and make strategic changes that bring them about. Understands risk factors that face the company and makes proactive adjustments to avoid problems

Thinks creatively about financial challenges and reacts according to best practices. Seeks to gain knowledge about financial management and implement lessons. Can create nuanced financial reports that reveal lessons.

Understands advanced methods of financial analysis. Can create complex models and forecasts. Understands how to use leverage safely.

Understands how macroeconomic trends are affecting the business and makes changes in reaction to them. Consistently delivers strong financial results even when market conditions are poor. Understands how to raise funds and manage equity transactions.

Has deep knowledge of the financial levers available to firms and comes up with creative, ethical strategies to boost earnings. Is an expert on the macroeconomy and makes strategic plans in line with forecasted economic trends.


Is a reliable, effective manager for our senior leaders.

Is an inspirational leader who dramatically accelerates the growth of their direct reports. Adeptly resolves inter-company conflicts and leaves the team feeling supported, challenged, and appreciated.


Maintains a long-term vision for the company and leads the company towards objectives that satisfy the vision. Typically succeeds.

Leads the company towards fulfilling strategic objectives, and almost never fails.