Budget & Timeline Management

Level 1

Knows how to track project budgets. Alerts client or senior PM when a budget is in danger.

Level 2

Takes charge of the budget and schedule. Keeps a close eye on hours throughout the project. Regularly reports on budget and timeline to the client and strategist. Pauses the project and asks for confirmation before exceeding estimates.

Level 3

Has a sense for when a project or task my go over budget, and reacts accordingly. Can manipulate tasks within a sprint to meet client budget and timeline goals.

Level 4

Based on observations about the project, suggests technical and design changes that can help our budget/timeline position. Proactively recommends changes to the client. Can adjust staffing plan/WBS based on budget or timeline problems.

Level 5

Develops and tests new theories about optimizing projects. Works with designers and developers to determine how to optimize their work. Can create advanced schedule structures to optimize delivery dates based on parallel-path execution. Bonus points: Publishing these findings to the Cantilever blog, or speaking about them at conferences.

Project Manager