Video Conferencing

Zoom is our conferencing software. We use it for all of our video/conference calls internally to discuss issues or weekly meetings as well as with clients to review or showcase the work that we have completed.

Depending on your employment type, you may receive a Cantilever Zoom "Pro" level account, which allows you to schedule your own meetings without some of the restrictions of the "Free" level - most notably the Free level has a 40 minute time limit on group calls. If Cantilever is issuing you a Zoom account, you should receive an invite to activate your account.The email will look like this:


Schedule a meeting in Zoom

This is something you can do from your google calendar once you have installed it. You can view the in-depth procedure for this here: Schedule a meeting in Zoom.

Join a Zoom Meeting

To join a zoom meeting, simply click on the click in the link in the invitation!