Requesting Equipment


Because we are a remote company we have to fulfill equipment requests a little differently than a non-remote workplace. Cantilever provides regular office equipment (computer, mouse, cords, etc.) for each team member as needed.To request equipment, please connect first with your direct manager and discuss your needs. They will be able to evaluate and/or approve your request for whatever equipment is required.

Equipment Budget:

Requests for equipment and the specific budget for each item will be assessed based on:

  • your role and the type of work you are doing
  • your level of involvement with the Company.

For example, someone that is mainly just doing testing/browsing and light word document editing has vastly different needs than someone doing 4K video processing/editing and the particular budget for equipment will vary depending on the work being completed.

Generally, we try to stay within the following price ranges for equipment - your specific budget for the equipment you request will be evaluated using the criteria above and communicated to you:

  • Computer ($300-$3000)
  • Mouse / Keyboard ($30-$100)
  • Cords ($5-$100)
  • Standing/Desk ($100-$300)

Ownership and Equipment Returns

In most cases, Cantilever will purchase the equipment. This item will be Cantilever's property and will be loaned to you and you will need to arrange to either return the item to Cantilever or purchase the item from Cantilever upon leaving employment with Cantilever. Discuss your options prior to leaving Cantilever. You will be required to sign an equipment agreement where you accept the loaned equipment and agree to return it.