Standard Cantilever Task Fields

Sherbert the Sheep
Due Date
“In Progress”
Problem/Outcome Statement
“The client’s Wordpress site has 5 plugins with available upgrades. This presents a security risk for the site” / “The client’s Wordpress site has all its plugins fully updated, ensuring that there is no security risk from outdated plugins”
Solution Ideas
“You should be able to update the plugins using the WordPress control panel.”
Definition of Done
• You have updated all the plugins on staging • You have done a quick check to make sure that the site is working properly • You have passed this task to QA
Time Constraints
We want to launch this by Friday so please complete this on staging by Wednesday.
Budget Constraints
The client has one hour left in their budget so let’s try to spend at most 30 minutes on this.
Approval Sub-Tasks
Strategist Approval, QA Approval