Our Workflow

Our Workflow


We have a unified workflow for how we manage getting things done. It is critical that everyone working on Cantilever projects shares this same mentality so that we can continue to operate at peak performance despite being a remote and asynchronous team.

We use

to implement our workflow. The workflow itself is agnostic of any specific tool.

We have a designated Strategist for every client, but the goal is to foster autonomy. After a plan is defined and agreed upon by the team, execution within the structure of that plan is as independent and freeform as you desire. Team members can ask questions and work directly with clients and partners.

Golden Rules

  • Each client has a “Strategist.” The buck stops with this person when it comes to the client and their projects.
  • Team members are responsible for completing the work assigned to them – even if parts of that work must be done by someone else.
  • Projects should be tracked in some kind of shared software tool. Each project should have a clear, consistent, well-pruned list of tasks Cantilever must accomplish to fulfill the needs of the project.
  • Tasks should represent the problem Cantilever is solving or the outcome Cantilever is seeking to achieve, not each individual action we need to take to get there.
  • Team members must complete work assigned with a due date by that due date, or negotiate a pushback with the PM or client.
  • Most design and development tasks should be pass through approval by the Strategist along with approval from QA.
  • Cantilever communication is asynchronous by default. We use various software tools to communicate as appropriate to the use-case and the project.

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