How We Work

How We Work


Cantilever is a remote, asynchronous team. This means we must plan precisely for the work we are doing, and either stick to that plan, or openly and visibly change it. A participant in a project should be able to review the todos documentation for any given project and see clearly where we stand, where any bottlenecks exist, and what people are working on next.

We have a designated “DRI” for every project, but the goal is to foster autonomy. After a plan is defined and agreed upon by the team, execution within the structure of that plan is as independent and freeform as you desire. Team members can ask questions and work directly with clients and partners.

Golden Rules

  • Team members are responsible for completing the work assigned to them – even if parts of that work must be done by someone else.
  • Team members must complete work assigned with a due date by that due date, or negotiate a pushback with the PM or client.
  • To Dos pass through several team members en route to completion. The To Do is something for Cantilever to do, not for an individual to do. Do not break out a to-do into more than one just to isolate each person’s responsibility.
  • To Do lists in Basecamp are public, shared documentation that must relate back tightly to the shared Work Breakdown Structure. Each team member should maintain a private task management solution as well, whether that’s a private basecamp project, a paper todo strategy, or a digital app.
  • We don’t just QA in one go, we QA every part of a project continually.


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