Our Workflow

Our Workflow

We have a standardized workflow for getting things done – whether it‘s a client website or a team holiday party. We use

to implement our workflow. The workflow itself is agnostic of any specific tool.

Our approach is clear and standardized in order to foster autonomy in the execution of the work. After a vision is defined and a project established within our methodology, how staff accomplish that vision is their decision.

Workflow Principles

  • We value taking ownership over waiting for instructions. The most important thing is that our work gets done, not who does them.
  • We have a consistent process for running any project (internal or client-facing). The process is not overly prescriptive and should allow for flexibility and improvisation, but there are certain core principles that all tasks and projects should share.
  • While we all focus on specific areas of the company and client relationships, we are tied together as a single team. Our goals are shared and we are mutually responsible for the outcomes of the whole team.
  • We don’t restrict access or visibility to projects and information within the team. The whole team has access to most company information. The only exception is people’s compensation.

Golden Rules

  • Each project has a “Strategist.” The buck stops with this person when it comes to the project.
  • Clients should generally have only one Strategist for all of their projects.
  • Team members are accountable for the work they have agreed to complete – even if parts of that work must be done by someone else.
  • Projects should be tracked in some kind of shared software tool. Each project should have a clarified set of tasks Cantilever must accomplish to fulfill the needs of the project.
  • Tasks should represent the problem Cantilever is solving or the outcome Cantilever is seeking to achieve, not each individual action we need to take to get there.
  • Team members must complete work they have agreed to by the agreed due date, or negotiate a pushback with the PM or client.
  • Most design and development tasks should have some kind of approval process, such as approval from QA to verify that work is bug-free.
  • Cantilever communication is asynchronous by default. We use various software tools to communicate as appropriate to the use-case and the project.