The Cantilever Visual Identity

We created our current identity in 2017. The project focused mainly on the logo, but was soon extended to business cards and a standalone webpage design for our support retainers.


Primary logo lockup
Primary logo lockup
Standalone Avatar
Standalone Avatar

The logo is composed of four "sheets" transposed into a 3-d stack seen from the side. Or, it can be seen as a primary green shape with echoes of other colors emanating down and to the left. The dual interpretations are meant to intrigue the viewer and hint at the nuance of our site designs.

The colors symbolize diversity – both the diversity we envision for our team, and the diversity of client we already enjoy.The off-kilter angle creates the dual interpretation effect, but also increases the energy of the mark.


Green #68DC27

Yellow #FFEE00

Red #FF6068

Blue #00D0FF

Orange #FFB201

Moody Blue (Light) #2D2D3D

Cornflower Blue (Medium) #525276

Black Rock (Dark) #8080C0


Primary - We use Roboto as our workhorse typeface, Light and RegularSecondary - Roboto Mono, Regular and Bold, is for metadata and navigation, and wherever needs a bit of quirky personality.

Roboto is free and available through Google fonts.

Retainers Page

The retainers page is visible at It is our most comprehensive identity exploration so far. Some successful motifs:

  • Typical band treatment with faded logo shapes in a patterned background.
  • image
  • Very Cantilever-y treatment with ACSII art and fun elements. "Geek Chic"
  • "Geek Chic" styling
    "Geek Chic" styling
  • Interactive data viz component. Very on brand.
  • Interactive component
    Interactive component
  • Buttons which expand from flat to 3-d.
  • Button expands into 3D upon hovermode
    Button expands into 3D upon hovermode
  • Monospace type works for us.
  • Example of Monospace font
    Example of Monospace font