How We Use TextExpander

What is TextExpander?

It's exactly what you would think. It expands text for you. This timesaving tool will hep you cut down on the typing you'll need to do across all Cantilever projects.

What does TextExpander do?

TextExpander can:

  • Be accessed from all devices
  • Is shared between all Cantilever employees, so you have access to everyoneโ€™s snippets
  • Expand text from a single line into paragraphs of text
  • Group snippets by department (Sales, Development, etc)
  • Reminds you to use your snippets while you type and makes suggestions based on repeated type
  • Expand even farther by nesting snippets into other snippets
  • Utilizes fill in the blank prompts for customizing snippets per client (think sales emails and the like).
  • Shortens URLs
  • Imports information from other expansion sites
  • Invokes multi-platform JavaScript, AppleScript and shell scripts
  • Easily inserts dates and times

Why it is useful

TextExpander is useful for saving time as you are re-creating emails, inserting URLs, signatures, typing contact information (emails, phone), re-writing the same things. The more you use it the more useful it will become.

[WIP] Related Procedures

How to find and use existing snippets

You should receive an email inviting you to joining the Cantilever Organization via email. Click join to get to the organization and you'll be prompted to create an account.


Once you have created your account, you'll see the list to the left hand side of the webpage:


Select Organizations to see Cantilever and the snippet groups. You should have access to them, but if not, please remind whoever has invited you to put you in the appropriate groups to access the pre-made snippets. A follow-up email to verify your email address will be sent. Verify your email address.


Lastly, a final email welcoming you to TextExpander will be sent where you can download the app for your computer.


Download the app so you can access the helpful search feature for TextExpander no matter what you're working in. This will be helpful as you are learning what snippets are used for Cantilever work as you can see a few of the groups below (the last few rows of the drop down list).


When going to use TextExpander, you just type in the abbreviation and hit enter.

That will turn something like (emn) into

How to Set your Preferences

Once you have signed up for TextExpander, you will want to make sure you set your preferences to only expand text with a delimiter. This means that you type something out like "e-m-p-SPACE" and the item expands, rather than "e-m-p" expansion of text. You do this by going into TextExpander and selecting preferences:


Then you with clic Expansion> At delimiter.


How to modify existing snippets

If you want to modify existing snippets, you'll want to select "Open TextExpander" from the dropdown list (see above photo). A new box will open for you where you can access the groups and edit the snippets.


To edit the snippet, you'll select the group it belongs to and click the actual snippet. You can edit the abbreviation and the text that gets expanded which will save for the whole organization.

How to add new snippets

You can add snippets to any group you are part of. You'll want to make sure that you are using the approved abbreviations so that the snippets are uniform across the organization, as well as easy for others to figure out. Check out the procedure we have for creating new snippets:

Here are some helpful articles if you want to read more online about what TextExpander can do: