Long-Term Website Support

Website support is at the heart of what Cantilever does.

We have heard from many clients that prior firms have created a good project, but not provided adequate support and maintenance. This leaves clients needing to replace or overhaul the project within a few years. Our goal is for this to never occur on Cantilever projects. With us maintaining a website, it should last indefinitely – we simply swap out outdated pieces as required.

Our focus on support, and the fact that we do it in-house, draws many clients to us who need long-term care, maintenance, and growth for their sites.

We support sites that are created by other firms as well as our own. Our primary methodology for maintaining websites is to use a retainer. Within a retainer, clients pay in advance for a bundle of hours each month, quarter, or year. We reserve time in our schedule to make sure we have those hours ready when they need them. This gives clients peace of mind and allows us to plan far in advance. We provide a substantial discount to retainer clients in exchange for the stability they give us.

We also support sites on an a-la-carte basis when the client prefers to have a more flexible arrangement. Under such an agreement, we can’t necessarily guarantee availability in a given period, but we always do our best.

Our deep knowledge of the customer's operations, our relationships and familiarity with their staff and our “in-house, but on-demand” availability ensure that our clients don't just have a vendor, but a partner who’s invested in their success long-term.

We are successful when our clients are successful. As their business needs evolve and grow, our clients have a consistent, reliable partner they return to year after year, project after project, to help them achieve and exceed their business goals.


for information about how our contracts for ongoing clients are structured.