All tasks should have a “Status”, however that is defined in the PM software. This allows the whole team to see where the task stands at any given moment. Our standard status list is:

To Clarify
The Strategist must make this task actionable for an Artisan and schedule it appropriately.
Ready to Begin
This task is actionable and scheduled, and can be started at any time.
In Progress
The Artisan is actively working on this task.
Ready for Feedback
This task is ready for review by the Strategist (Not QA)
Ready for QA
This work is ready for its first QA pass.
Ready for Retest
This work has been revised to address QA issues, and is ready to be tested again.
Needs Revisions
This task has been tested or reviewed, and it has issues that should be addressed by the Artisan
Ship It
This work is ready to go live or to a client. 🚢🚢🚢🚢 FOGHORN SOUND
To Document
This task is complete, and the work is done, but there is still some documentation to write.
Please Help
The artisan couldn’t complete this and needs halp!
The artisan can’t complete this because there is a hard blocker, such as missing client feedback or content
This task is done! Note that this is separate from actually marking a task “Done”. Projects should have a rule that automatically marks tasks as “Complete” when they are marked done.
Cantilever decided not to do this.
Pending Prior Task
This is not actionable simply because it is dependent on another task. This task may not yet be clarified; if so, when it becomes actionable, it must be clarified by the strategist.