Co-working Space or Home Internet

Available For...
Full TimePart Time
How to Request


We will pay for a Co-working space near you. We will pay for time to cover at least the hours you do work for us (but not necessarily more). You must ask @Cantilever Operations to approve your co-working space before committing to a contract.

If you live in an area with WeWork, our general preference is to get you a WeWork All Access membership or dedicated desk. We can add you easily through our WeWork account (ask @Cantilever Operations).

If you prefer to work at home instead, we will give you a stipend for Home internet, scaled to your hourly involvement. The stipend will be based on average internet costs in your area. If you want to work at a Co-working space sometimes and at home at other times, we are happy to pro-rate each benefit and combine them.

Once the arrangement is approved, please 🏒Request a Ramp Card which you can provide to the co-working space to charge on a monthly basis.