Paid Time Off/Sick Leave

Team Member Types
Full Time
This policy was adjusted effective April 1, 2023.

Outside of the US and Denmark we hire Full-Timers as contractors paid on a semi-monthly basis. The contractors are obliged to work full-time hours (7 hours per day in Harvest on average) but have paid time off for:

  • All official bank holidays in their country
    • Up to twice per year, they may work on a bank holiday and use the day off another time.
  • Their birthday (if their birthday is on a day they would otherwise have off, they may take it an adjacent day)

In addition, these contractors may take up to 15 days per year off work. Their manager should create a simple list/table to keep track of their days off.

Finally, they may take up to 6 days off per year for sickness.

Paid leave does not roll over within years and is not paid out upon termination like it is in the US.

In the service contract with the contractor, the terms of the paid leave should be specified in a format similar to this:

Consultant shall work and record, on average, 7 hours per weekday for Client. Consultant shall not be obliged to provide working hours on national bank holidays or on their birthday. In addition Consultant may take up to 15 days off throughout the course of a calendar year, so long as Consultant does not take more than 7 such days during the first half of that year. This time off shall be considered worked time under this agreement. Consultant shall bear the burden of tracking and reporting on any such time off. At Client’s request Consultant shall provide a comprehensive report of all time off hours taken during the course of a year to confirm that the agreed working days have been respected. Additionally, Consultant may take up six days off per year specifically to cover illnesses. This time off shall also be considered "worked" under this agreement and shall be paid within Consultant‘s semi-monthly rate. In order to take such time off, Consultant must provide Client with a report of the reason for the time off, which must apply to the categories below:
  • Medically related appointments, treatments, preventative care for Consultant or a family member, including mental health-related treatments
  • If Consultant is a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking and is receiving any form of relief such as counseling, crisis center help, court time, etc.

Paid leave does not accrue and roll over between years.