Contract staff accountable to deliver on their specific task and project assignments
Asana Access
Partial. Added to specific projects & tasks. Not in Cantilever Core Team.
Benefits & Bonuses?
Cantilever Email?
Choice of Work
Free to choose what they prefer to work on (from what’s been made available to them) and the amount of work they want to take on
Currently not standardized. In the future, will be standardized based on Compensation and Benefits documentation
Independent Contractor
In Cantilever Community Events?
✅, but time spent is not billable to Cantilever
Notion Access
Only to Cantilever Community Teamspace + Specific project/client-related pages
On Weekly Team Calls/Sprint Planning?
May be invited on occasion
Pay Transparency?
Rates available to people who need to know in order to do their job (Strategists, PMs, leadership)
Planning Involvement
Invited to provide feedback on relevant topics on a case-by-case basis
Slack Access
Partial. Invited to #cantilever-contributors, #campfire, #announcements and specific project channels. Should be a multi-channel guest rather than a regular member
Tracks Time in Harvest?
Working Schedule
Varied workload (based on client needs and availability of talent)
Zoom Account (Legacy)
Only when position demands it

The Importance of Contributors

Our goal is to have approximately 50% of our hours provided by staff outside the core team. In recent years this has been closer to 20%. In order to reach our 50% goal, we created the Contributor role, which combines the flexibility of freelancing with the community and team feeling of an in-house role.

Our current Contributors are some of the best in the industry. They add additional capacity to our team so we can do bigger and more ambitious projects. They can add specialist skills that we don’t have in the Core Team.

Working with Contributors gives us a quick and easy way to try out working together, which can lead to a Core Team engagement eventually. Similarly, some Core Team members may want to shift to Contributor sometimes, to fit their life goals better.