Quarterly Software Review Process

The owner of each piece of our 🧰Software is responsible for continually monitoring to make sure that we are using it, that the correct people have access, that we have the most affordable plan possible, etc.

Once per quarter, each software owner should do a full sweep just to make sure nothing has slipped through the cracks. This should include:

  • Validating that we need/use the software. Otherwise, cancel it and remove it from 🧰Software.
  • Ensuring that it is configured correctly for our use or identifying any further changes we need to make
  • Ensuring that the right people have access to it internally.
    • Unless the software is owned by @Cantilever Operations, Ops does not need to have a seat. Only the actual individuals who need a seat should have one.
    • Each user should have the minimum permissions required to support their use of the software. This is important for security.
  • Checking the recent invoices and making sure we are paying the minimum we should be paying for this service.
  • Ensuring that the RampRamp card for the tool has the correct budget, or updating it in Ramp if it can be reduced or needs to be increased.