Submitting Receipts & Memos to Ramp

After your transaction, you can send your receipts to Ramp in a few ways:

Accounting Fields
Text us at HIRAMP (447-267) - we will match For international users, please text 844-331-1023
Text us - we will add the memo to the last transaction
Click the submission link sent via SMS for a mobile-friendly submission flow
Forward to receipts@ramp.com
Add "memo: enter your memo" in the body of the email
Directly edit fields from your email if using Gmail
Click into the transaction or missing items section and upload the receipt
Click into the transaction or missing items section and add memo
Click into the transaction or missing items section and enter field
Send your receipt to the Ramp app on Slack (Simple type /ramp, press enter, then attach a picture of your receipt to the next message)
Add a memo when Slack app prompts you to (after receipt has been matched)
Click into the link within Slack to enter the fields within the Ramp website
Mobile App
Capture a receipt using our mobile app or use the share extension on your phone
Tap into the transaction to record your memo
Scroll further to add your accounting fields in-app

Leveraging our Automatic Receipt Matching

Ramp offers automatic receipt matching for multiple languages / countries and international currencies, which means that we will automatically match your receipts to the correct transactions. You no longer have to spend time finding receipts and attaching them to your transactions— Ramp will do it for you.

  • For transactions made in person, we will notify you via SMS when a receipt is required. Simply reply with a photo of your receipt or text us at HIRAMP (447-267). Any text you add to this SMS will be added as a memo.
  • For transactions made online, we will notify you via email when a receipt is required. Simply respond, or email/forward your receipt(s) directly to receipts@ramp.com. Simply add "memo: enter your memo" in the body of the email after attaching to the email the receipt for that specific transaction, and we'll automatically add the memo.
  • Ramp currently supports the following image types: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf
  • The maximum receipt upload size is 50MB
  • The maximum page length for PDFs is 50 pages

Pro Tips:

  • To include a memo when forwarding your receipts, simply enter "Memo: insert memo here" into the  of the email that you send to us
  • body

  • Ramp will send you weekly emails each Friday reminding you of any missing items
  • Save our email: receipts@ramp.com
  • You can forward multiple receipts to us at once

Editing via Email

If you are using Gmail, you can directly enter memos and other fields within the email thanks to the power for interactive emails. No more logging in!


Use selected email forwarding

  1. Add receipts@ramp.com as a forwarding address in Gmail by clicking here
  2. Create a filter that catches emails with receipts associated with your Ramp card. You can do this by clicking on an example email and selecting 'Filter messages like these' Gmail instructions can be found here.
  3. Select Implement a forwarding rule for all emails in that filter to receipts@ramp.com. Gmail instructions can be found here.

4. Afterwards, Ramp's support team will confirm the receipt forwarding request, and you'll receive an email confirmation from Google.

Note: this may take up to 24 hours

Manually Uploading Receipts & Memos

You can upload an image of your receipt on your Ramp dashboard on the right transaction. Simply go to your 'My Ramp' tab and click into that transaction. You can also click into the memo field and edit that field directly.