Request a Ramp Card

Please note: Ramp does not work in Ukraine as of March 2024. If you are in Ukraine and need to request a card, instead please make the payment and then ask @Cantilever Operations to reimburse you directly. If the purchase is too large to be comfortable for you to float the money, we can pay you in advance for it.


This procedure outlines the steps to request a new spend card or to increase the limit on an existing card through Ramp.

Who can do this

  • Any team member with a Ramp account.
  • Requests must be approved by a manager or admin.

What you need

  • Ramp account login credentials.
  • Justification for the new card or limit increase.


Procedure for Creating Ramp Vendor Cards

  1. Login to Ramp: Access your Ramp account.
  2. Request a Card: Click the yellow “Request Spend” button in the top right corner.
  3. Choose a Card Type: You can select a templated card or opt for "Create Custom Card".
  4. Input Card Details: This includes setting a limit based on the expected frequency of the costs (monthly, quarterly, or annually). Ensure the limit is consistent with the vendor's typical billing amount.
  5. Submit for Approval: Once details are inputted, submit the card request for Operational approval.

Procedure to Request a Limit Increase for Vendor Cards

  1. Login to Ramp: Access your Ramp account.
  2. Access Card: Click on the specific vendor card you wish to adjust.
  3. Edit Card Details: Opt for the 'Edit Card Details' option.
  4. Update Card Details: Key in the updated details and save the changes.
  5. Specify Reason: Enter the rationale for the increased limit in a text memo.
  6. Send Request: Requests will be forwarded directly to the Operations Team for review. An approval will grant you access to the updated card. An email notification will inform you when a request is sanctioned.