Ramp Mobile App

Ramp Mobile puts finance automation in your pocket. Pay for expenses easily with your corporate card always at your fingertips. Submit expense reports and reimbursements on the go by taking a picture of your receipt and just tapping in a memo – we’ll match it to the correct transaction. Plus, with simplified visibility, you’ll always have the information you need on expense policies, completed transactions, or spend requests.

You may download the iOS app from the App Store in any country here and the Android app from the Google Play Store in any country here.

The mobile apps allow you to:

  • Request spend / cards
  • Submit expense requirements (receipts, memos, accounting fields, etc.)
    • Note: Admin accounting fields are not supported on mobile - only accounting fields that are part of card submission policies.
  • Submit reimbursements for out-of-pocket spending and mileage
    • Note: Location-based domestic and international mileage reimbursements (0.13.0 or above) on iOS only
  • View card details, request limit changes, and lock cards
  • Add a card to Apple or Google Wallet
  • [iOS only] View and flag transactions as accidental, request policy exceptions, flag incorrect merchant info, add attendees to meals, add to a trip, and request limit changes
  • [iOS only] Switch easily between Ramp accounts if you have multiple instances