Google Docs

Google Docs


Writing traditional documents

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Cantilever Operations


We use Google Docs for documents that require traditional formatting and writing tools. We try not to use Google Docs but just use it for stuff it is specifically good at.

We use Google Sheets as our standard spreadsheet tool.

We use Google Slides as a basic presentation tool. Figma is better but for fast presentations Slides is fine.

📏 Rules for Google Docs

✅ Do…

🚫 Don’t…

  • Use Google Docs for working project docs, meeting notes, or anything else that doesn’t have to be in Docs.

Don’t Use For...

⛔️ Anything that could be done in another tool better, such as project management, databases, storing code/design work, etc.


Google Workspace is our flexible “backup” platform for when we don‘t have a better platform to handle a specific need. Most days you won’t need to interact with it aside from checking your email.

Why we use it

All the Google products are rock solid. Gmail is an industry leader, Google Drive is great, Calendar/Docs/Slides/Sheets are all quite good. We like to use more specialized tools like Notion, but there are plenty of cases where a good old Google Doc is required.

How we use it

  • Every team member has an email address. Most days you won’t get internal email. You may be on client threads or handling inbound email traffic depending on your role.
  • Every client has a Team Drive in Google Drive. This contains their contract & SOWs along with project files that don’t fit neatly into any of the other platforms.
  • We use Google Docs for our discovery reports and oth