Keeping track of time spent, invoicing


Harvest is our time tracking solution which we use to track our working hours and invoice clients for our labor.

🏆 Principles

  • Accuracy: We always want to bill and pay fairly, so please try to ensure that all time you work is in Harvest. If you want to comp time to a client, log it as complimentary instead of not logging it.
  • Recency: It is very important that Harvest is continually up to date, since we report back to clients regularly on project budgets, and pay the team based on the hours logged there.
  • Clarity: When logging time, include a note that tells everyone what you worked on for that period of time.

✅ Do’s...

  • Track all of your time in Harvest
  • Put time into the most accurate project and task you can ascertain
    • You can use a tasks’s Asana project to understand which project to log time into
  • Ensure that time spent on projects is 100% captured in those projects, whether or not it is billable or within one of our flat-rate
  • Focus on completeness, not perfection. Don‘t worry about getting every minute, just focus on having roughly the correct amounts of time in Harvest and allocated to the correct clients.
  • Submit your

🚫 Don’t...

  • Add your time more than 24 hours after you did the work
  • Add time without a note
  • Add time to internal projects which are related to client work

What is Billable?

Billable time is defined as time working directly toward deliverables for a client. Working on legal paperwork, invoicing, etc should be logged under “Paperwork & Invoicing.” Any meetings/emails/calls related directly to deliverables you are creating is billable.

To get paid fairly and remain profitable and healthy, it is critical that every team member logs all their time and maintains a healthy ratio of billable to non-billable time. For most
this is around 70-80%.


include some that are flat rate and some that are not. For flat rate projects the amount of time logged has nothing to do with how much we charge the client, but it is still important to log time accurately so that we can measure the profitability of the project.


Harvest has a desktop app as well as a Chrome extension. If you use the Chrome extension and use Asana in Chrome, you will be able to track time related to specific Asana todos very easily.


Since you have to track everything, managing small bits of work can be annoying. To minimize the amount of times you need to update your timer, we suggest "bundling" work related to a single project instead of moving from project to project. Do everything in one sitting, and then switch your timer and move on to the next project.

Project Setup

All Harvest projects should include all active team members. However, only the PM and Strategist should be set as “Project Managers” on the project.



How to Compute Someone’s Harvest Cost Rate