We have a core suite of tools we use every day, plus additional platforms that we integrate for specific reasons. We use software that is best-in-class and choose carefully.

The owner of our software toolkit is the @Cantilever Operations team. Please ask Ops for any help you need getting or working with our tools.

📏 Rules for Software

✅ We Do…

  • Implement new tools when there is a specific benefit that makes it worth the extra logistical effort of adding a new tool
  • Suggest that we eliminate tools when they are no longer solving a specific problem or that problem could be solved better with another existing tool
  • Use tools you like on your own without suggesting that they be rolled out to the company. Try new things all the time. Request a Ramp card for anything you need to pay for.

🚫 We Don’t…

  • Implement new tools if there is no pressing reason
  • Argue for tools just on the basis of personal preference – this is a group decision
  • Use client tools, unless client has Enhanced
    Core Coverage

Our Tools

Our “Core Tools” are ones every Cantilever core team member and contributor is likely to need or encounter. The Secondary tools are required for specific projects and roles.

Managing Tasks and Projects
Communicating with teammates and clients
Working documents, Handbook, Databases
Setting up meetings and blocking Focus Time
Writing traditional documents
Keeping track of time spent, invoicing
Keeping all of our credentials and secrets organized, safe, and easy to access for the right people
Credit Cards & Reimbursements
For content creation and editing help
Recording meetings
File storage
Conducting meetings
Payroll & HR