Rates and Fees

Typical Rates

  • Almost all Cantilever clients have a Core Retainer which covers strategic planning and emergency response. Core retainers are sized based on the anticipated relationship size. The agreements typically range from $1k/mo to $5k/mo.
  • Almost all Cantilever clients also have a general “Planned Maintenance” hourly project under which we help them with small projects and odds and ends. Our standard hourly rate is $250/hr. Clients with a Core Retainer receive a discount. The standard discount is 20% which reduces the rate to $200/hr.
  • Many Cantilever clients will also have additional one-off projects are scoped separately. These are almost always charged hourly and invoiced monthly, though we do some flat-rate projects in specific situations.
    • If we do a flat-rate project we have to set the cost based on a very conservative estimate, and watch hours very closely, to make sure we are covering our costs. This means flat-cost projects will generally have to cost more than projects billed hourly, since we are absorbing the risk. Flat-rate projects also require very detailed estimation work upfront, which costs additional time, versus doing things in a more agile way under an hourly project SOW.
    • Generally, one-off projects should represent 10 or more hours of work. Smaller projects should be handled within Planned Maintenance.
  • We also provide additional discounts for friends-and-family clients and for nonprofits we want to support. We rarely discount our work other than those situations, but sometimes accept in-kind payment in the form of stock (at fair market value) or barter.

Typical Project Costs

Finder’s Fees

Some agencies act as brokers between clients and studios like ours, charging a finder’s fee for connecting you with a client. We don’t like to do this and avoid it if possible. We prefer to keep the referral chain clean of influence on either side. When firms we trust refer work to us we are always eager to reciprocate, though. We have some key referral partners we have sent lots of work to as well. It is great to build that kind of relationship within the industry, where we know the other party does great work and are not motivated by any kind of cut.