Diagnostic Sales Workflow

Over the years we’ve learned a lot about what makes projects successful. Great results come when we take the time upfront to plan and brainstorm with the client. Great ideas emerge, and we’re able to collaborate with the client to eliminate unnecessary work that may have been assumed to have been needed. Our vast experience in the field and understanding of modern web technologies allows us to think deeper than the surface request and solve the underlying client business need.

We’ve always emphasized the “Discover” part of our project process, but have decided to standardize and streamline it in 2021 – attempting now to avoid ever doing a project without a planned diagnostic, even a small one. The result is our new “Diagnostic” process. You can read about what happens in a Diagnostic here:


This means that in Sales, while it is important for us to provide an initial vision and outline for a full project, we no longer intend to close a full project up front. When we do so, we end up needing to specify requirements and numbers about a project which we don’t fully have our minds around, and have to go back and change things later. If the client is new, we have to make these determinations prior to even formally working together, which makes it understandably difficult for the client to accept our methods and recommendations.

Instead, our emphasis in the early stages of a new project are simply to agree to a Diagnostic process that makes sense given the intended size of project the client has in mind.


For new clients, all Diagnostics are 100% satisfaction guaranteed and can be ended at any time. This allows new clients to see us in action before committing any funds, and we’ve never had a client not be satisfied with the outcomes of our diagnostic work, so we are fully confident that once people try us they will identify the value we bring to their business.


The work involved in a Diagnostic varies according to the intended project size. We have a standard minimum engagement of $20,000 (which we make exceptions to, of course). Our Diagnostics are charged at flat rates. We have three options:

Diagnostic Types

NameFeeFor Anticipated Project Budget...
Light Diagnostic
$20k to $35k
Standard Diagnostic
$35k to $100k
Custom Diagnostic
$20,000 and up
$200k and up