Cantilever Champions

Cantilever Champions

Champions is our referral/sales bonus program.

Yes, you can make an impact: 84% of B2B decision-makers start the buying process with a referral (Source: Saasquatch). Small businesses like ours thrive on having their employees be spokespeople for their employer. We all want to see Cantilever grow, and you can help make that happen!

You can be compensated: If you refer a client to Cantilever and manage the sale, you will receive 2.5% of the Revenue we receive from that client(for the first year). That means that if you refer a client that does a $60k site rebuild, you would receive a $1,500 bonus! If you just refer the client, it is still a 1.25% bonus, but For a full list of compensation, details go to our Benefits and Staff Types page.

Getting Started 🚀

Before you jet off trying to gather Cantilever leads and earn yourself a bonus, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Any lead you bring in doesn't have to be a perfect match - If a company could use website help, it is always helpful if you send them our way. Our sales team will be happy to figure out if a lead is a good match for Cantilever or not. Even if your lead doesn't close a deal, you still helped Cantilever grow its network.
  • Promoting your company doesn't make you annoying - There are a lot of companies out there that could use the quality web services of Cantilever and don't have the time/resources to search for a good firm themselves. A recommendation from you might be exactly what they were looking for! Many business owners don't know the differences between using something like Squarespace, or a custom developer like ourselves, and a conversation with our sales team will help them make a good choice for their business.
  • You may feel more confident promoting Cantilever if you brush up on the different things we offer, and what makes the company you work for so great. Our Mission, Vision, and Values page is a great start to give you some talking points.

How to bring Cantilever leads and earn yourself a bonus 💵

You may not realize it, but you probably already know a couple of friends/colleagues who would love to hear about Cantilever. While the Cantilever team is some of your friends, it's likely (hopefully) that you have more!

Those friends likely work at companies and have friends that also work at companies. Cantilever may have a small team of around 10, but through the people you or your friends know, you probably have access to hundreds of companies. This is great news if you are trying to earn yourself a bonus!

What does a referral look like?

A referral or recommendation can be a lot of different things. From you just sending a friend a link to our website after they mentioned their company is looking to do website work, to you writing an email to your friend's brother who owns a local business with some of the great things about how we do the web.

The steps to referral success

  1. Keep your eyes and ears open - This may seem obvious, but in order to be a proper lead gen machine you need to get good at paying attention. This doesn't just mean noticing if at a family dinner your sister says hers kids college website sucks, it means looking at the websites of the companies your friends and colleges work at (you can probably tell if they can use our help).
  2. If you hear of people that can use website work - Once you're paying attention, you will realize there are more opportunities than you think to mention Cantilever. Once you do, don't sweat, it's not your job to sell us. It can be as simple as saying "I work at a company that does great website work, want to give me your email so they can get in touch?" It's not our style to be pushy so don't be! If they say they are already going with someone that's fine, go back to keeping your eyes and ears open for another opportunity.
  3. If you see a website that can use work - Let's say your aunt's jewelry shop looks like it could use a facelift, or you notice your friend's employer's website looks like it hasn't been touched since 2006. Feel free to speak up, and mention that you think Cantilever could help. In the case of your friend's employer, just ask them if they would be open to asking their boss (or someone inside their company) to take a look at us/hear about us. And again, don't feel bad about this, it's normal to be proud of the work your company does. In the same way your aunt is proud of the jewelry she sells, you can be proud of the great website work Cantilever does. And like mentioned before, website help might be exactly what they are looking for, but they don't know where to start! On top of that, friends/family/colleagues will be excited to support you and the small business you work for.
  4. That's it! - Once you have made a recommendation and connected a potential client to Cantilever, trust in our sales team to find out if they are a good fit or not. If they are and close a deal with us, great! Enjoy your bonus and splurge on a blue lagoon vacation with just you and a book. If it's not a good match, don't worry, feel good about the fact that you made a good effort and still added value by growing Cantilever's network. Either way, you can continue to keep your eyes/ears peeled for another opportunity to earn a bonus and help grow Cantilever!