Sales at Cantilever

At Cantilever we avoid the traditional “pitch”-style agency sales model. We believe this approach leads to worse results for both sides, because agencies are not incentivized to spend the time it takes to create a great plan before pitching it. When the focus is on creating a great proposal, that doesn‘t necessarily lead to the best project plan.

We don‘t have a “sales team”. Sales is the responsibility of the whole company, but particularly the strategists.

We have a simple process for figuring out how we can help people:

  1. We meet and discuss the business problems they are having and start to brainstorm how user-centric technology could solve those problems
  2. If we believe that we can solve their problem, we propose a
    Diagnostic Process
    through which we are paid to thoroughly research and understand the problems and come up with a wise solution, within the client’s business constraints.
  3. We do the work!

Our approach is modeled after the philosophy of Blair Enns, author of the Win Without Pitching manifesto. It is a short read that is truly inspirational. If you work on sales, please read it!

The reason clients trust us with this process is our credibility. We have done hundreds of projects over the course of 11 years in business getting results for some of the largest organizations on the planet, by solving difficult technical and design problems. We’ve seen it all, and our guidance is worth it.

The sales process always begins with the work itself. Every project we do is an advertisement for the next one – from its design to its construction to the way we treat the client with respect and dignity.

One big benefit of jettisoning clients who are a bad fit (which we must do from time to time) is that our client base is awesome. They’re fun, interesting people with a diverse range of experiences. They’re good people to hang out with. And when they refer us, odds are their friends are pretty cool too.