For Cantilever, sales is a deeply organic and holistic process. The work we do is marked by its long-term focus and a superior client experience. The referrals and reviews of our former clients are the primary driver of our success.

We do not pitch with our profit as the main goal. We offer to partner with clients when we believe we can add value for the client and make their lives better. When they get value, our fees are a no-brainer.

Sales begins with the work itself. Every project we do is an advertisement for the next one – from its design to its construction to the way we treat the client with respect and dignity. Digital Hospitality works, and when people see it work, they want to help others access it too.

However, referral-based sales is not just a passive process. Being open and eager to join in long-term friendships with clients is a must. To be friends with clients, we must choose clients we believe in and trust. And to remain friends, we must be truly friends, not pitch-mode networkers. We just want to be open to human relationships surrounding our work.

So our sales process looks like:

  1. Try to work with people we really like and want to help
  2. Do great work and make the client feel valued and respected
  3. Be friends with lots of people, without agenda. Have a beer or coffee for fun, not to drive a sale.
  4. When our friends refer us, be grateful and treat the new person with the same open mind.

One big benefit of jettisoning clients who are a bad fit (which we must do from time to time) is that our client base is awesome. They’re fun, interesting people with a diverse range of experiences. They’re good people to hang out with. And when they refer us, odds are their friends are pretty cool too.

We love building new sites and we love supporting those sites over the long term.