Project Types

Broadly speaking, we have two types of project: One-Time and Ongoing. A one-time project uses your classic project structure with a clear kickoff and delivery. Ongoing projects involve continuous work with a single client, touching on many deliverables over an undefined period of time. Ongoing projects are kind of like serial one-time projects, but the nature of the relationship is very different, and managing them is its own particular challenge.

At Cantilever, the Production department mostly deals with one-time projects, and the Support department mostly has ongoing projects. Exceptions can be made for specific reasons, such as if an ongoing project demands staff that are more available on the Production side, or if there is a project taking place under an ongoing relationship which is particularly large and will not repeat. For example, if an ongoing client asks us to create a full new site using their retainer hours, it’s possible for the relationship to transfer to the Production team for the duration of that new site build, since the Production team is more optimized for new site builds.