The sales team must encapsulate the details of the business arrangement with our client in a Scope of Work (SOW). No projects should be done without a SOW in place. This ensures clarity between the parties and prevents confusion. The SOW should be agreed upon by the DRI who is managing the client’s account.

☑️ Relevant Procedures

A SOW can only be written if a Master Service Agreement (MSA) is in place. An MSA is a general contract that governs the terms of the business relationship between the client and Cantilever, without specifying the details for any given project.

When a project is handed off from Sales to Production, the SOW should be the primary artifact discussed and analyzed by our group to ensure a smooth handoff. The paperwork should be migrated into the Basecamp project at the start of the project. If anything about the paperwork is unclear, the DRI/PM must ask for clarification from Sales at the start of the project. The DRI is responsible for understanding the full scope of the arrangement between Cantilever and the client. Our scopes are often complex, arising from a careful collaboration between us and the client during the sales process. The DRI must be 100% in tune with the commitments we and the client have made in order to ensure the project goes off without a hitch.