Project Management

Project Management


Please note that our PM philosophy has recently changed substantially. We now use a single Directly Responsible Individual (DRI) as the accountable party on a project. The general mentality we have around project management is the same. Please re-familiarize yourself with these resources.

Cantilever’s project management approach is one of the hallmarks of our brand. Part of our mission is to make it easier for clients to get the great creative work they need to drive their organization forward. Our project managers are the people responsible for making sure they have a fantastic experience.

On most projects, the Project Manager is the Directly Responsible Individual (DRI). This is the person who is accountable for the success of the project. On some larger projects, the DRI may delegate most PM duties to a separate PM.

Everyone involved in Cantilever projects should read and understand this section in full. Even as a designer, it is important to understand what to expect from your PMs, and how you would need to behave if you were ever in a DRI role.