Project Management


s are critical for keeping our work on track. We have a specific project management methodology honed over many years of experience.

🏅 Principles of Project Management at Cantilever

  • Curiosity. Project managers need to be the experts on what is going on and why. If they are not technical, they should be curious learners and always asking questions.
  • Clarity. Project managers need to communicate clearly to all parties involved.
  • Proactivity. Our
    Project Manager
    Project Manager
    s need to be constantly scanning their projects for things that might be off-track.
  • Accountability. A
    Project Manager
    Project Manager
    is free to handle any task they possibly can handle within running a project, even things outside their job description.

📏 Rules for Project Management at Cantilever

✅ Do…

🚫 Don’t…

  • Create PM systems outside of our established Notion and Asana systems
  • Incur expenses without client consent
  • Pay for project expenses on behalf of clients
  • Try to fit lots of different types of work into the same project – separate it out instead.


Project Management Rituals
Project Setup Checklist
Using Client Communication Tools