Ongoing Software Updates (Non-Major)

Micro (Only for Legacy Clients)








Within Core Coverage we provide regular updates to non-major software packages within the site. For example, we would update a package from 1.1 to 1.2, but not from 1.1 to 2.0. We may do full version updates within this service if they are easy, but we reserve the right not to.

If we are updating a site and notice that a full version update is available, make sure to note that for the Project ManagerProject Manager.

From time to time, a package will have a major update that is not a full version update. In these cases, the strategist should decide whether it fits within the spirit of this service or not.

Most of the time, these updates should be automated and easy. Remember to review:

  • NPM Packages (Use npm update --save )
  • CMS software and plugins
  • Third party code loaded in some other way (ex. scripts manually placed in the head of the page)

For some sites there may be no third-party code to update. In that case, simply comment back as such to the Project ManagerProject Manager on the relevant AsanaAsana task.

Generally, this update should take less than two hours per iteration. If you are doing these updates and it takes more the 2 hours, pause and talk to the Project ManagerProject Manager.