QA (Quality Assurance) Overview

The primary intended audience of this article is any QA Engineer at Cantilever. However, Project Managers may also find it useful since it provides an insight into what QA Engineers do for (and expect from) the rest of their team when performing a QA test.

QA Engineer Tools

The basic set of tools for every QA Engineer at Cantilever includes:

Site Documentation
Any source material to be compared against
Issues repository for where to report any issues may found
Task Details (provided by the person assigning the task)
  • 🍄BrowserStack, in addition to any direct access you may have to various machines and browsers
  • Issue-Reporting template (You already have this: See below.)
Screen capture media app(s)

Types of Tests

You will always run one of two types of browser tests in a QA pass:

(Basic) Functionality Test
Full Browser Test

Optional Testing Requested:

Regression Testing

Running QA Tests and Reporting Issues

  • Use the Project Documentation to guide testing in the appropriate browsers
Report issues clearly and in a consistent format

Naming/Labeling Issues

A Word on Re-Testing (Fixed) Issues

Accessibility Audits

Accessibility audits are different from but related to QA tests. The purpose of an audit is to find areas where a site or feature is not in compliance with WCAG standards (WCAG AA is typically considered the threshold for "ADA Compliant"). The QA engineer may make recommendations to improve or fix these issues.

There are two different kinds of Audits:

Design Accessibility Audits
Development Accessibility Audits
Read more about Cantilever's commitment to accessibility in Accessibility
Read more about Cantilever's developing history with accessibility in

Prep for the Project Manager

Please note that a failure to properly create an assignment for the QA Engineer will result in a delay in QA testing being run. 🤷‍♂️🤷🏻‍♀️
Refer to:
a walk-through on how to create an assignment for a QA Engineer, including a list of all materials needed.
a walk-thru on what to expect during the QA phase of a project
information on which QA Engineer works on a particular project and what to do during emergencies when the QA Engineer assigned to your team is unable to test a project when needed


How to Create a QA Task