All work we do is organized into Projects. Any one of our 🙌Services can lead to a Project which we create in AsanaAsana .


We have standard structures for our AsanaAsana projects but each Project ManagerProject Manager has the flexibility to deviate when they see fit. There are two types of project: One-Time and Ongoing. One-Time projects have a specific deliverable and start and end date. Ongoing projects are perpetual.

📏 Rules

✅ Do…

🚫 Don’t…

  • Run production projects without putting the tasks on the 🏄Big Board

Issue Intake Forms

Asana supports Forms. These are custom-built web forms that automatically create a ticket in the Asana project. Our Core Coverage Template includes a basic form by default, and feel free to augment it further.


These automatically feed into the Asana project.


Project Setup GuideProject Completion Guide