In our

we like to have people self-assign work based on their interests and skillset. Everyone in our should be considered as a candidate for a given .
Project Manager
Project Manager
s can proactively assign work to folks they want to “book” for that specific task.


  • Balance. We try to assign work between
    Core Team
    members and
    s based on availability and the needs of the company at any given time. The
    Big Board Boss [WIP]
    Big Board Boss [WIP]
    should make this clear.
  • Efficiency. Different staff have different costs. Blending seniorities within a project/task can lead to ideal results at a lower staff cost, improving profitability.
  • Fairness. We like to get work to our people consistently and predictably, and should avoid overloading one person while leaving another person without the hours they want.

📏 Rules

✅ Always…

  • Ensure that s are staffed with qualified assignees
  • Ensure that each assignee has the opportunity to ask questions and get support. Set up meetings when needed.
  • Use Contributors liberally to diversify our workforce and facilitate growth

🚫 Never…

  • Overload one person or burn someone out