Project Setup Checklist

We have a number of rituals and standards and it can be hard to keep track of all the guidance around how a Cantilever project should run. PMs can use these checklists to make sure they are not missing anything.

All Projects

Project should be entered in the Project Database with a unique project code
Project should be set up in Asana w/ project code
Color should correspond with the PM
PM should be set as project owner
There should be sections that divide up the tasks in some useful manner
The Importance and Hours (Est.) fields should be on the board.
Project should be set up in Harvest
All staff should have access
PM & Strategist should be set as manager of project
If ongoing, project should be configured as two separate Core Retainer and Planned Maintenance (or equivalent) Harvest projects, according to our methodology.
The client/internal stakeholders should receive a regular status update (typically weekly, but other cadences are acceptable based on the type of project)
The team should receive a regular weekly status update in Asana

Ongoing Projects

There should be a regular prioritization/backlog grooming call with the client. This may be monthly, quarterly, or aligned with our weekly planning cycle.

One-Off Projects

The project schedule should be clearly shown within the Asana project.
The timeline of the Harvest project should match the anticipated project schedule