Production: Post-Development

Have we made sure that the site is, to the best of our knowledge, complete and error-free in our primary browser?
Are all "Preflighting" tasks complete (favicon, sitemap, SEO tagging, etc.)?
Have we completed the project documentation including all the latest updates we’ve agreed with the client during dev?
Have we ensured that staging/test environments are accessible and accurately represent the eventual state of production?
Have we conducted a walkthrough for the client and made sure they don’t have any further comments before we proceed?
Is all site content ready for launch? If not, is there a clear plan for the client to provide such content, with reasonable deadlines? Is the QA engineer aware of these factors?
If QA is a separate SOW (this is rare) is the SOW complete, signed, and in drive?
Is our project estimate fully up to date, and the client informed of any changes in our estimate based on the results of dev?
Have we made sure that the QA engineer is aware of the time commitment required to QA the site? Have they agreed to be available on the correct dates?
Have we created a clear, detailed todo for the QA person to test the site (Use the TextExpander snippet bcqa)?