Production Handoff Checklists

Our processes and procedures outline everything that the the Strategist should make sure is done during a project. These checklists are backup documents to double-check that we have done everything we need to before moving between phases of a project or between departments. They are redundant with the procedures for various aspects of project management, which is OK – these are for checking our work, while those are for doing the work to begin with. Anyone involved in project leadership (Strategist, Creative Director, Project Manager) should be aware of these handoff requirements. They overlap different roles on the project. The Strategist should be responsible for making sure they are checked off, but the actions required vary in who is responsible for them. It makes sense for the whole team to review these checklists together to identify any gaps and distribute any remaining work accordingly.
Sales Department to Production Department
Production: Post-UX
Production: Post-Visual Design
Production: Post-Development
Production: QA to Launch
Production: Post-Launch