Subscription Charges for Clients

Many times our clients have subscriptions that are linked to their websites/projects that we are creating/working on. There are a whole number of things this could be, from font charges, or hosting charges. We want to make sure that our clients understand that we are happy to run subscriptions through our accounting system and invoice them for those, however, we need to charge a management fee for each charge ($50 per subscription charge).

The goal is to get our clients to run subscription payments through their finance department, especially since those are for their website. This is something we should let our clients know as soon as we know that a subscription is needed.

Examples of subscriptions:

Sample Email to client:

"Hello (Insert Client Name),

I wanted to reach out and let you know that Cantilever has a policy for subscription charges and would like to let you know that we will need (insert client name) to sign up for X account to pay for their (insert what this is for). Here is what we need in order to do this:

1. For you to create an account on Digital Ocean (

2. Share this account with us so that we can access anything relevant for the project.

This allows billing to be much simpler for everyone. Please let me know if you have any questions!"