Client Benefit
Start a new agency relationship so I can get better results for my organization
Fee Structure
Flat fee, guaranteed, typically $5-15k

👀 Overview

Before we start a

or take on a new website in
Core Coverage
, we need a clear, actionable, and vetted plan. Our process for coming up with this plan is a Diagnostic.

Clients typically come to us with a strong sense of their goals and problems, but they are not web experts, so it is impossible for them to know the corresponding solutions that will solve those problems. The Diagnostic is our process to meet with them, hear all about their needs/problems, and create

s that will solve them.

Clients receive…

  • Full clarity on what is going wrong currently and why
  • A team trained on your audience/industry and ready to strategize with you to grow your business.
  • Expert guidance and planning on how to solve your problems and achieve great results
Our Diagnostic process is 100% satisfaction guaranteed because we are super confident in the value we deliver.

🏅 Principles

  • Go Deep. The Diagnostic is the time to figure out exactly what the client is all about, and to learn all about the site we will be building or taking over. Leave no stone unturned.
  • Give Value. Our Diagnostics are meant to provide lasting benefit beyond just preparing us to work on the site. Help the client discover who they are and feel they have a solid plan for the future.

📏 Rules

✅ Do…

🚫 Don’t…

  • Rush through it – Diagnostics take time

🗝️ Details

Diagnostics should be conducted by a

with the help of the rest of the team. They always start with a Kickoff which can be anywhere from 1 hour to a full day.

They crafted every aspect of the design, doing a beautiful job from start to finish… They helped us discover our identity. They did a remarkably good job of getting to know who we are as an organization and what drives us… people love the design, which was even nominated for a Webby. – Northeastern University NuLawLab Client Review

The process can be run in person or remote or in combination. It’s good to meet in person whenever possible. The timeline should be as generous as possible to allow ideas to flourish, but we can compress a diagnostic into a single day if needed.

Typical Deliverables

  • Brand Analysis: Who you are and where you’re headed
  • Competitive Analysis: What your competitors are doing online
  • Problem Statement: What brought you to Cantilever and what you are trying to solve
  • Solution Plan: What we recommend you do and how much it will cost, written as
    Project Plan

When Client wants a
New Build

  • Existing Site Deep Dive: Full analysis of existing site to learn what worked and what didn’t
  • Analytics Audit
    : To understand which pages performed well and which haven’t
  • New Site Vision: The overall hopes and dreams of the client when it comes to the new site
  • New Site Outline: Our recommended UX for the new site, based on our deep dive

When Client has an Existing Site

  • Dev Onboarding: Full review of existing codebase
  • SEO Audit
    : To review the speed, SEO, security, and accessibility of the site.
  • Full QA Pass
  • Analytics Review
  • Site Speed Audit
  • Accessibility Audit
In some cases a diagnostic may lead to a plan for both a
New Build
and for us to maintain an existing site for some period of time. That is OK. After the diagnostic, the services will be split based on site.

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