READMEs and Documentation

READMEs and Documentation

All Cantilever repositories should have a README.

The README should explain:

  • Briefly, what the project is for
  • How to install the project locally (including the acquisition of a database if needed)
  • How to deploy the project
  • Link to the relevant Site Documentation for all other details

All Cantilever websites should also be documented in the . The Documentation should include information about the project which non-developers might need. Dev-specific information can stay in the README.

That documentation should include data like:

  • Overview of the project. Who is the client and what are we doing for them?
  • Relevant URLs to staging/dev environements, CMSes, etc.
  • Link to the repository
  • Info on hosting and CDNs
  • Info on DNS for the client’s domain
  • Info on browser support requirements
  • Info on standards for development (According to our dev standards rubric)

The body of the documentation should follow our standardized format which you can generate by clicking "New > Documentation" on the Site Documentation table.

This format includes:

  • Global
  • Pages
  • Behaviors