Onboard a Client

When a StrategistStrategist is ready to get started with a new client, they should choose a Project ManagerProject Manager to lead the relationship, and share the accepted 🤲Proposal with them. The Strategist should introduce the PM to the client by email prior to the first meeting.

The PM should then set up the client, including getting them up and running in our 🧰Software. Here are the typical required steps:

Create a new Google DriveGoogle Drive Shared Drive for the client.
In Drive, use our templates to create new 💼Legal Paperwork including a 📜Master Services Agreement (MSA) and 📝Scope of Work (SOW) for the initial 🎁Project, according to the 🤲Proposal accepted by the client.
Send the paperwork via PandaDocPandaDoc to the primary contact.
Set up an internal SlackSlack channel using the naming convention #client-cantilever-internal. Invite all 👥Staff who you know will be working with that client.
If the client uses Slack, set up a Slack Connect channel with their team. Invite the same internal folks as are in our internal channel.
Schedule a kickoff call for the new 🎁Project
Add the client to the , including assigning them a 🔤Client Code
Create a new portfolio in AsanaAsana for the client
Within the Rituals Asana board, set up a new “Cleanup & Reporting Ritual” task for yourself, the PM.
Add their 🔤Client Code to the “Client Code” field in the 🏄Big Board
Set up the first 🎁Project using the Project Setup Guide