Offboard a Client

Once it is clear that we will not continue ongoing work with a

, we should officially offboard them. This is the case if they do not have
Core Coverage
and there is no active discussion happening about future work.

Here are the typical steps:

Transfer back to the client any accounts we may manage on their behalf, such as website hosting platforms, domain registration services, Cloudflare etc.
Transfer all remaining credentials we have in
back to the client permanently. Archive our 1password vault for the client.
Archive any shared
channels we may have with the client. Remove us from any Slack Connect channels we may be a part of with them. This may need to be done individually – in that case, assign tasks in Asana for relevant team members to remove themselves.
Archive any projects and portfolios we have in
for the client, ensuring that no tasks are still assigned to anyone on those projects.
Update the client’s entry in the to indicate that they are a former client.
Archive their
Client Code
to the “Client Code” field in the
Big Board
by adding the gravestone emoji:
Set up the first
using the
Project Setup Guide
Move the contents of their Shared Drive in
Google Drive
Google Drive
to the “_Archive” Shared Drive.
Send the client an email to confirm that we have ended our relationship, making sure to leave the door open to re-start in the future!