Managing Sales Leads


We often get sales leads via several channels. Most of the time is through word of mouth that we are connected to our clients, however there are other ways sales leads come to us, like through our website and Google business.

You will want to quickly respond in a timely manner to any sales leads that come through or that are passed to you by other team members.

Generally we take on projects that include:

  • New website builds
  • Working within a current website to update it
  • Maintaining websites through our support department (generally done once we have worked with a specific client before, but possibly a solution for a new client with a low budget).

Knowing what is Spam and what is a Lead

There are lots of potential leads out there, but oftentimes we have to sort through the spam in order to find the legitimate leads.Here are a few things to look out for when discerning spam:

  1. Anyone who is asking if they can pay with a credit card.
    1. Hi- My name is Cynthia i found your contact information online, I'm hearing impaired. I would love to know if you can handle website design for a new company and also if you do you accept Credit Card as form of payment?? Kindly contact me so I can send you the job details if you are interested.Regards,Cynthia Hyatt
  2. Anyone who is not willing to set up a time to talk in person.
  3. Be wary of agriculture/restaurant contacts who tell you that you will manage the site for them. These are most often spam.

Who can do this

Anyone who is integrated into the sales process and has access to Husbpot.

What you Need

Access to hubspot


Check the Hubspot inbox, or the email you received from Hubspot to view the inquiry
Email the inquiry back.

We want to make sure we keep data on any potential sales leads we receive through Hubspot (our main platform to receiving leads). You'll want to log your email response by selecting "log" when responding, if this is outside of an active chat window:


If they have a current website, try to get that information from them in the first email so we can review it to see what industry they are in, what their current design looks like, and so we can think of the best ways to improve their site prior to jumping on a call. Include Ty on these calls and make sure to connect with him beforehand to game plan the call.

Set up a meeting.

Include anyone relevant to that particular sale, likely Ty, Andrew, Nikki, or Brian.

Do a Questionnaire.

Once a meeting time is set up you'll want to call or email a questionnaire to get more information about what their project entails, their budget and timeline. You can review our previous questionnaires here:

We may not have time to do a questionnaire and may want to just quickly get them on the phone with us. That's okay, just go with the flow on this.

Follow up with the Lead

Follow up with the lead within 1 week of the initial email if there has been no response.

  • You will want to follow up with any leads that have not replied back to you within 1 week of sending your initial email. This is good practice to ensure that they are aware we are here to help and ready to connect with them.