Hire an External Consultant (Managers)


We often utilize external contractors to assist with projects when our team has a full workload or when we have a client that needs a speciality that requires outside CL talent. There are two types, US based contractors and anyone outside the US. Both required the same general steps for you but it's important to note for our People Ops person to send correct forms.

What you Need

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Rate


First step is getting all of the information above from the contractor.

We need all of this information so you can pass this to People Ops.

Create a task for People Ops in Basecamp to create Paperwork for the contractor.

If you have a specific project the contractor is working on you can add this into the Basecamp project. Please email rates instead of adding them to the Basecamp project. People Ops will then move the task to the People Ops Team and add the rate you send via email.

Include all the items obtained in the first step of this process. It will also be helpful for People Ops to know the following:

  • Start Date
  • Project they are working on
  • What their work is (design? Development? Something else?)
  • If this agreement is limited to a certain project or an ongoing agreement.
  • Rate
Once the paperwork is signed People Ops will put the person into Harvest and basecamp. Managers then can add that person to the specific projects they need access to.

From this point Managers need to add that person to the specific projects that they need access to in Basecamp and Harvest, and 1Password.

If you do not have access to add this person to any of these places create a new task for People Ops to add this person to the relevant places for the specific projects they need.