What it’s like to work at Cantilever

How are projects assigned/selected at Cantilever?

Every project has a primary project manager. We currently have three such people. At the outset of a project, the manager will establish a staffing plan and enter it into our staff planning app, Forecast. Every team member can log in to Forecast and see what the company is requesting of them on any given week. We also send a weekly all-company update outlining the projects that are in progress and who is needed that week on each one. For most staff we try to keep to 2-3 projects at a time. If a project doesn’t work for you for scheduling or personal reasons, that’s no problem. Just speak with the project manager and they will adjust the plan to suit your needs. One of our values is “Life before work” and we live that by respecting boundaries and preferences of our team.

What are the hourly expectations for full-time workers?

Full-time at Cantilever means 35 hours per week logged in our time tracking system, Harvest. This does not include lunch or breaks, just regular working time. But it does include company time like our weekly no-work-allowed meeting. You are free to do your hours on whatever schedule works best for you, as long as your work is coming through on time. Alternate arrangements are encouraged. You can work more hours and make more money, or work fewer hours and gain more flexibility in your life. Your compensation and benefits are negotiable to prioritize what matters most to you.

As contract-to-perm team member, how will my performance be evaluated in order to decide if I am fit for full-time?

Contract-to-perm team members have a personal manager who helps them on a daily basis to do their best. When you start, you will meet with your manager to establish clear benchmarks for performance in the contract role. You will have a 1-1 meeting with your manager either once or twice a month, depending on your hours. During those meetings and in response to automated questions every week, you will review those expectations and how you are doing. Upon the conclusion of your contract, you will meet with your manager one more time to recap your benchmarks. Based on the benchmarks it will be clear whether you are a fit for full-time, if you are not a fit, or if you are a fit but with adjustments to your role.

What types of benefits do you offer employees?