Hybrid Designer/Frontend Developer


Cantilever is a web design and development consultancy with a handcrafted, detail-oriented approach to web design and development. Our philosophy is “digital hospitality”: the belief that sites should be welcoming, considerate, intelligent and respectful. We are a 100% remote studio growing fast.

We are looking for a creative, dedicated, thoughtful, and passionate artisan adept at website support and maintenance. This role is great for you if you’re interested in getting the opportunity to maintain and improve on projects over the long term. We develop long-running, value-driven relationships with our clients, and aim to make each site just a little better, more cohesive and easier to work on every time.

Here is our handbook, where we write down everything we can think of about how our business works and why it is special: https://www.notion.so/Handbook-7499d6e6ac6a441aaba73404046883ce

Job Description

We’re looking for a hybrid Designer Front End Developer.

The team is distributed across the US and Canada, with “hubs” in LA and NYC, and a European office in Denmark. You will work 100% remotely for now, but if you are near one of those cities, we’ll have in-person space for you when it is safe to do so.

This is a part-time role with the hope to expand to full time (35 hours per week) as we grow our support department over the next few years.

Qualities we look for in a candidate:

We have 10 Core Values that we pride ourselves on. Our employees encapsulate these values.

  • Digital Hospitality. We are more than a technology company – we are a hospitality company
  • Life Before Work. We work in order to lead the lives we envision – to raise our families, to pursue our interests, to secure our futures
  • Relationships First. Our relationships and culture are our most important assets
  • Diversity of Everything. A diverse team is a strong team (here’s a study), and we have only ever gotten better by having a wider range of backgrounds, genders, cultures, family situations, locations, and opinions in our ranks
  • Never Settling. We are obsessed with perfecting the art of “Digital Hospitality.” We’ve never found the absolute right way to do things. All the progress we have made has merely been to enable the next optimization
  • Self-Reliance. We hire smart people and expect them to be smart
  • Radical Transparency. We detest deception and seek to be transparent in a proactive way (letting clients in on our processes and knowing whatever they want about what we’re doing) and a reactive way (answering questions and responding to problems in a tactful but totally clear manner)
  • Reading it Twice. We make extra effort to be clear, open, and frank in our communication
  • Servant Leadership. Management at Cantilever is about empowering people to do their best. Managers are resources of their reports, not the other way around
  • Keeping it Simple. Our mission is to make great work easier. We avoid arduous systems or practices and cut through clutter

Experience & Capabilities:

  • Can create a simple design system by themselves, and can contribute complex, multi-variable components to existing systems.
  • Can create nuanced components with a variety of states. Finished design is fully optimized, with no one-off unaffiliated styles.
  • Knows when to "break the rules" to create dynamic style. Is up to date with the latest design thinking across multiple disciplines.
  • Can present wireframes effectively to a client. Can build a clean, consistent set of wireframes for a complex website. Can analyze business needs to understand user journeys and create psychographics. Comfortable running user testing and analyzing sites in relation to competitors.
  • Is comfortable creating a finished site design from approved wireframes, resolving the nuances of the UI in a consistent and on-brand way.
  • Can work with a client to design an on-brand, production-ready logo for them.
  • Can participate in client discovery or sales meetings and clearly communicate vision and intent when presenting to clients.
  • Has experience writing HTML and CSS and can articulate to developers how a component might be built.
  • Is comfortable working within existing design and code.
  • Can create full pages which match design comps without requiring much help. Has mastery of HTML/CSS syntax. Writes accessible HTML. Can quickly debug layout errors. Can use Cantilever CSS frameworks to build complex pages with minimal help. Can optimize SVG images for inline or image display depending on the situation.
  • Can build clean JS components within an existing architecture, matching the conventions of the project. Strongly understands the common patterns of UI development (slideshows, menus, responsive heroes, filtering systems, etc.). Understands the common JS approaches (React, Vue, vanilla) and can identity when each is appropriate. Can debug quickly using debugger.
  • Can build full features in an existing CMS-driven site. Can create a new simple site using at least one CMS. Can train content administrators in using CMS. Can create a clean, user-friendly interface for authors by configuring fields intuitively.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Do consistent, productive work in a remote environment.
  • Manage your time and deadlines effectively to deliver your assigned work on time and on budget.
  • Meeting with clients to understand their goals and needs.
  • Can help a project manager understand how a project breaks down.
  • Provides reasonable, accurate estimates for work.
  • Fully understand varying code bases and able to quickly respond to support issues.


  • Salary is based upon experience.
  • Visit the Benefits section of our Handbook to see more of what we offer our employees.

We are also seeking a cultural fit with Cantilever’s group of quirky nerds. We are passionate about our work but ready to leave it ‘at the office’ at the end of the day. We actively seek diversity and encourage applicants from groups underrepresented in technology. This job is open to anyone regardless of location, so long as you can communicate clearly in English. The world’s a big place, and we’re looking for people who can help us effectively work with all of it!

Since this is a remote position, relocation assistance and visa sponsorship are unfortunately not applicable.